Home School Students


We are excited to offer new classes to our Home Schooling students!  This new class will be starting this Spring Tri-mester 2018, the week of January 8-12, 2018.

You can pick the appropriate class for your child and age group.  In my experience over the past 43 years, if your child cannot pay attention to me as their Instructor and do what I ask them too the first time, then they are not ready for martial arts instruction with other students as they will detract from the overall class environment (i.e.:  running around the class chasing butterflies or laying down on the ground rolling around)…and I will have to ask you to leave (No refunds given)!

Tuesday Class:             Ages:  6-13                      Time:  3:00-4:00 p.m.

Wednesday Class:       Ages:  6-13                      Time:  3:00-4:00 p.m.


Spring Trimester 2018:  January thru the end of April.

Summer Trimester 2018:  May thru August.


Tuition:  Your first month is your most expensive.  It includes the following:

One time fee:  Liability Insurance          $20

One time fee:  Uniform (white)               $20

First Month Tuition:                                  $40

***  Please note:  uniforms from other schools will not be allowed, sorry!  If you work at Disney, they will not allow you to wear your old Six Flags shirt.

There are NO CONTRACTS here; however as with any health club type activity, there is a Liability Waiver that must be signed before you are allowed to participate.

Since everyone’s lives are different, when you sign up for class, you and Mr. Brown will discuss when your monthly payment is due:  it will either be due on the 1st day of each month or on the 15th day of each month. 

Children are signing up for (4) lessons per month, one time per week.  It is your responsibility to get your child to class.  It will benefit them if they come to the same class each week and stay with their cohort group – the kids they started with.

After children have studied with Mr. Brown for a certain period of time, they will be allowed to come to multiple classes per week for the same tuition – at no extra charge.


Your discount applies only to the monthly fee.  You pay full price for the uniform, liability insurance, belt upgrade (testing fee) and certificate.

1st Immediate Family Member:       full price                 $40 per month

2nd Immediate Family Member:     10% discount         $36 per month for a total of      $76.00 (for 2).

3rd Immediate Family Member:      20% discount         $32 per month for a total of        $108.00 (for 3).


Testing Fees vs. Belt Upgrade & Certification 

Your student will not be “stiffed” by exuberant testing fees of $50 or $75 dollars every time you turn around!  🙂

I’m an old wrestling coach out of Indiana…and I love my Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling.  Wrestlers prove themselves everyday on the practice mat in the wrestling room.  Your child will prove themselves to me by coming to class on a regular basis, working hard to become the best they can be, and executing the techniques that they learn.

Yes they will have “tests” at certain belt levels, but not very often.  They will test for their Junior Black Belt and their Adult Black Belt…and they will be hard tests.  However, I will have them ready for those tests ahead of time.  If they are not ready, then they won’t test…until they are ready.  These tests will be more expensive.

Belt Upgrades & Certification          $10


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