Mr. Brown Bio

Mr. Brown with his teacher Soke Fred Walliser 9th Dan at the CBBA gathering known as Koinonia. This picture was taken after Mr. Brown had passed his requirements for his 5th Dan.

Mr. Brown first started studying Shito Ryu karate at Hanover College in the fall of his sophomore year in 1974 with Mr. Darrell Gehr.  He studied with Mr. Gehr for 9 months and was never offered the chance for promotion!  We just worked on wazas, break falls and walking the floor.  I did not really understand what I was doing.

That summer Mr. Brown transferred to Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and enrolled at Mr. David Foreman’s Karate Institute.  While there for two years he progressed up through the rank of purple belt or 3rd kyu while studying with Mr. Foreman and Mr. Ronnie White.

Earlier that summer, probably about the time I enrolled at Mr. Foreman’s, my brother and I went to see Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee.  Then…I got it!  Yea, this is what I want to do!

When Mr. Brown had stopped studying at Mr. Foreman’s, he began studying with Mr. Jim Powell, a fellow Exercise Science student at Ball State University.  Mr. Powell was studying with Mr. Steve Van Camp, also a fellow Exercise Science student, who would later help found the AMTA with Mr. Walliser.

After graduation from BSU, Mr. Brown continued to study with Mr. Powell, getting his 1st Dan in 1978.  A few years later, Mr. Powell decided to leave the martial arts leaving Mr. Brown without a teacher.  Mr. Brown asked Mr. Walliser to become his teacher and has been with him ever since.

Mr. Brown is currently a 7th Dan in Tae Kyon Jitsu Do, a martial system blended by Soke Walliser, that combines the styles of Chung Do Kwon TKD, Shiho Karano Ryu (Kenpo) and Haragei Ryu Jukido (JuJitsu).

While doing martial arts for the past 43 years, Mr. Brown was also a middle school Social Studies teacher, high school wrestling coach and Assistant Principal in Indiana for many years.  He was fortunate enough to coach many great young men on the mat and watch them turn into family men, great fathers and community leaders.  They bled together on the mat and created a camaraderie that has lasted a lifetime.

The same thing happens in the dojang (tae kwon do school).  You work hard developing people that you want to see earn their Black Belts…and then continue a legacy!

Mr. Brown has many Black Belt students up north in Indiana who he misses very much, but luckily through social media he stays in touch with them and can remain involved in their lives!

Mr. Brown is currently Chairman of the Board of the AMTA, American Mid-West TKD Association and its interim President.

Mr. Brown will work with your children on traditional martial arts values like courtesy, respect, perseverance, self-control and humbleness.  Being a retired public school teacher, coach and Principal, Mr. Brown also stresses strong academics, reading and intellectual ability.

We will also be working on verbal judo skills that will help students and children address issues like bullying:  what to say and do if it occurs to them at school.  Our website also addresses the issue of bullying for you, the parents and how to deal with uncooperative administrators who don’t want to do anything to stop the problem!

Over the years he has seen many lives transformed through the study of martial arts!  His goal now is to continue to create more Black Belt students and fantastic community members and leaders through this new program at Angleton First United Methodist Church.

Mr. Brown has been training in the martial arts since 1974, and likes to emphasize that the martial arts is for EVERYONE!  “Martial arts’ training is a journey.  It is a long-term commitment to one’s health, wellness, and being.  Martial arts practice is for everyone, young and old, and is an active solution to lifestyle stress.”
“At Brown’s, we are really into the fitness, nutrition, and confidence building components of the martial arts.  Tae Kwon Do training improves ones’ lifestyle.  It motivates one to be the very best person that they can be!”

“The one area that we can offer our students, which they can’t get at other studios’, is the ‘ground component’ of self-defense.  By being a wrestling coach for over 20 years, and knowing that most self-defense situations end up on the ground, you’d better know what to do on the ground…and many karate instructors just cannot bring that experience to their students!”

How did you end up in Angleton?

Mr. Brown and his wife moved to Texas because all three of their children moved down here for jobs and careers, and they had not planned on being long distance parents or grandparents!  Oldest daughter and family live in Danbury.  Youngest daughter, husband and grand-dogs live in Angleton; and our middle son and his family live in Dallas.

Mr. Brown is also the owner and head trainer of Independent Performance Fitness LLC here in Angleton.  Independent Performance Fitness is a personal one-to-one and small group training facility that specializes in functional fitness, strength, mobility and balance training for Baby Boomers, Seniors and Active Age Adults.  Go to his website for more info: