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Since 1980

Class sizes are small by design.  All classes are taught by Mr. Brock Brown BS MA from Ball State University and a 7th dan Master Instructor in the AMTA.  Feel free to call Mr. Brown at 979-264-5021 or email him: for any further information.

Classes offered:

Blue Dragons of the East  ages 6-13 

Blue Dragon children’s classes are designed for basic social and physical  skill development for the beginning martial arts student either child or teen.  Classes are generally 50 minutes in length and designed for fun, athletic skill development, courtesy and manners development.  Classes are small by design so that your child will get a lot of individual attention.  This is not a baby-sitting service.  Parents, guardians and care givers are expected to stay.


Teen-Adult     ages 14 – Adult      

Teen-Adult classes are geared #1 toward self-defense development.  We will also work on the traditional skills of martial arts like: break falls, rolling, blocking, striking, kicking, forms/kata development, free sparring skills and weapons development.  You will be studying Tae Kyon Jitsu Do, a style that was created by my teacher, Soke Fred Walliser, 9th Dan.  Tae Kyon Jitsu Do blends traditional Tae Kwon Do with Nippon Shiho Karano Ryu (Kenpo) and Haragei Ryu Ju-Jitsu.


   What is a Blue Dragon?

In Korean history…there was an ancient kingdom called Koguryo and during that time the tombs of kings and aristocrats were often decorated with murals on the inside walls.  These murals are valuable evidence of the manners, customs and dress of Koguryo times.  On the walls of the Twin Pillar Tomb and the Tomb of the Dancers there are mythical beasts representing each of the four geographical directions: the blue dragon of the east, the white tiger of the west, the red phoenix of the south and the tortoise and snake of the north.

When I lived up north in Indiana, my small town was “east” of Indianapolis…so I decided to call my children’s class The Blue Dragons!