Here are your up front costs to study at our school.  Your first month (your sign-up month) is your most expensive.  Your tuition/fees/costs for that first month are as follows:

Tuition                                                $50

Uniform (white)                                $25

Liability Insurance                           $25

Grand Total                                        $100

Every month tuition thereafter is $50 per month.

***  Please note:  uniforms from other schools will not be allowed, sorry!  If you work at Disney, they will not allow you to wear your old Six Flags shirt.

We do not use contracts!  This is a great benefit to you, and besides, if we don’t earn your continued participation you should be free to leave at any time.  Without contracts we do need some payment rules to keep everything in order and you’ll find those here.

Once enrolled your class rate will never increase.  While we have rate increases as necessary, as long as you remain current with your monthly payment yours will not increase.  (This applies to your current program – enrollment in new programs or classes will be at the newer rates).

You reserve a spot in our class by paying for that spot each month, and it automatically renews the first of each month unless advance notice is given.  If you wish to take time off, you must continue to pay for your class spot in order to reserve it at your current rate.

Should you terminate your enrollment or not pay for any period of time, you lose your class spot, forfeit any discounted rates, and must re-enroll at the new current rate.  So as with any athletic club or other membership, the class fee for your spot is due the first of each month unless you give us advance notice that you are leaving.

Payments are due the first class of each month.

Please make checks payable to Independent Performance Fitness LLC or simply “IPF”.  If you prefer we can also accept payments by PayPal, or have automatic payments available.

A “month” is three, four, or five weeks of classes.  There are several five week months each year and only one or two three week months due to holidays.

Full payment is due regardless of how many classes the student is able to attend.  There are no partial payments for individual classes.

If less than 3 classes are offered by Brown’s Karate Studio during any month, an adjustment to the monthly fee will be made.

It is your responsibility to get your child to class.  It will benefit them if they come to the same class each week and stay with their cohort group – the kids they started with.

After a student has studied with Mr. Brown for a certain period of time, they will be allowed to come to multiple classes per week for the same tuition – at no extra charge.

Your discount applies only to the monthly fee.  You pay full price for the uniform, liability insurance, belt upgrade (testing fee) and certificate.

1st Immediate Family Member:       full price                 $50 per month

2nd Immediate Family Member:     10% discount         $45 per month for a total of $95.00 (for 2).

3rd Immediate Family Member:      20% discount         $40 per month for a total of $135.00 (for 3).

4th Immediate Family Member:      20% discount         $40 per month for a total of $175.00 (for 4).


Testing Fees vs. Belt Upgrade & Certification 

Your student will not be “stiffed” by exuberant testing fees of $50 or $75 dollars every time you turn around!  🙂

I’m an old wrestling coach out of Indiana…and I love my Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling.  Wrestlers prove themselves everyday on the practice mat in the wrestling room.  My students will prove themselves to me on a daily and weekly basis by coming to class on a regular schedule, working hard to become the best they can be, and executing the techniques that they learn.

Yes they will have “tests” at certain belt levels, but not very often.  They will test for their Junior Black Belt and their Adult Black Belt…and they will be hard tests.  However, I will have them ready for those tests ahead of time.  If they are not ready, then they won’t test…until they are ready.  These tests will be more expensive.

Belt Upgrades & Certification          $10


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